Monday, March 5, 2012

Oi Familia!!

March 5, 2012
Oi Família!
How are things going for you in California! Sounds like your busy!
We´re busy here too. We´ve been working a lot, trying to find more families. Our entire mission here is focusing on "real growth" in the church, which means baptizing more families, more men who are worthy to receive the priesthood, keeping recent converts, and "rescuing" the less active members. So, Elder Lopes and I have been striving to do just this. I think until now I have just
been trying to baptize youth, and not focusing enough on their families. But now, we arrive in the houses of our investigators, and invite the whole household to learn with us, hear the message of the Restoration, and yes, be baptized. It´s been a great improvement, and we´re having lot´s of spiritual experiences.
You said that you wanted spiritual experiences from me, so I’ll send you a letter today, and I’ll try to include something super spiritual for you. I think I have an idea of what I could share, that has to do with the members helping us also, so it should be good for the ward there!
Things here in Brazil are amazing! Wow, we work a lot, but I’m loving every minute of it. It´s
extremely gratifying. Me and Elder Lopes are calling all these people to repentance :) haha. Elder Lopes is a great missionary, too. He´s teaching me a lot about listening to our investigators, being their friends, and really teaching the PERSON, not just a lesson.
I still need to improve with my journal writing. Veeesh, I’m terrible with this, it´s usually two times a week. But, I’m really trying to force myself to write more.
We did have daylight savings time here. Weird, huh? for some reason, I was thinking that they didn´t have it here. But they do!
How scary with the Tornadoes! Man, where is Alicia living! haha, in the middle of tornado valley. I hope she keeps safe!
And wow. Elaina is too smart, isn´t she? Holy crap. I didn´t that many things when I was her age. Keep her learning!
And ok, I am going to repent with my letter writings, and write a lot more! aye aye, I’m really
sorrry, I’ll write more, I promise.
Ok I’ve got to go!
Elder Twitchell

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