Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Months out - Bump Day - Walls and Gates

March 19, 2012 (letter received March 31, 2012)
Well, I’m already on the last week of my third transfer. Kind of strange, huh? I will be out in the field for 6 months on the 21st, this Wednesday. Wow, it went by fast. I’ve got to keep at it, keep working. It’s so crazy, I still have so much to learn! I still have a lot to learn before I’m ready to save anybody! We’ll see if I get transferred from Bairro Novo. I’m kind of expecting it, I’ve already been here for 4 months. Every day we talk to people on the street, and it’s getting to the point that I feel like I recognize everyone. Like I’ve already talked to them. It’s really weird. But we’re still finding new people, and working our hardest to help them be baptized.
We got a reference of a member two weeks ago of this lady named Vera. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the word “elect”, but she definitely is and elect lady. Her husband was receiving missionary visits five years ago, but she was working, so she didn’t participate. However, everything her husband learned, he told her. He was really interested, but about a week after the missionaries started teaching him, he got sick, and died. Now, Elder Lopes and I are teaching her. She already is so prepared it’s incredible. We taught in our first lesson the Plan of Salvation, and we talked about temples, and how she could be sealed to her husband for all of eternity, and she got so happy, she misses her husband so much. We’re planning on
baptizing her the 25th of March. The member who referred us to Vera is helping a lot, too. Her name is Tereziahn. We went to teach Vera about the Word of Wisdom and Terezinha had already told her all about it! Vera said this. “Oh Terezinha already told me about how you can’t drink coffee, and since then I haven’t drunken any coffee!” Ha ha, we don’t even need to teach her, she already knows. She went
to church yesterday, so she’s well on her way to Baptism.
How were the Birthday? I can’t believe Aaron is already 29 years old. Wooah, OLD! How is his work going out there? Are they thinking of staying in California, or are they looking to move to Idaho?
That’s cool about the roadshow! I liked participating in it. Should have been better, being based on the Book of Mormon and not Twilight. What part of Helaman did they act out? Who was Autumn?
How sad the babies are going to leave. Veesh, and what are you going to do when they
leave. Neh, it’s always sad seeing them leave huh?
How is the family? How’s our neighbors, besides being robbed? Haha Amber is the neighborhood hero, how cool. How are the missionaries? You seemed a bit discouraged about them, because they are sleeping late, and treating the members poorly. It’s too bad, I’m sure Elder Scott was a great example for Elder Neal, and now, without him, it’s hard to do well.
How is Autumn? How’s she doing with school? I got her letter about the SAT last week, she did pretty well, huh? How’s dad? How’s the Bishopric? How’s President Hoggan? Just tell me Everything. How’s the scripture study? Are you learning a ton about the Old Testament? Lately I’ve been studying about Christ like Attributes. Woooow, it’s amazing. It’s helping me a lot to be a better, kinder missionary.
Alright, sorry I don’t have a lot to write this time. Any thing you want to know
about Brasil?
This week, the Strange thing in Brasil IS:

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