Monday, March 12, 2012

Elder Avram Tyler Twitchell

March 12, 2012
Ok first things first:
Yes, I did get the Valentines Package! Thanks a million! Wow, I need to plan ahead one day and try to cook this chicken tiki masala! I´m excited, but I’m not sure if I’m really that qualified. Oh, and Cameron is Elder Rogers. He was my first Zone Leader, and now he´s the Assistant to the President. He´s a really good guy, a great example.
I did try to use my Charge card, however, the people here said that it didn´t work!!? So I don´t know, maybe it was their mistake. But I think it DOES work here. I´m going to go to an electronic store today to buy a Tape Recorder (to take with you guys!) just for your information. But other than that, I don´t think I’m going to be using it. Maybe to buy some pants.

Something random--here they have some extra keys on the keyboard, so I can
write with this little letter: ç ç ç ç ç. And also ãõñ. Cool!

Here, we did set our clocks; however, we lost an hour, so we got an extra hour of sleep! Oh the blessings of living on the Southern Hemisphere!
So I’m going to send off letters for Alicia and Aaron today, waaaay late, I don´t think it´s going to make it in time for their birthdays :( but they´ll get them eventually, hopefully.
Ok, so about the pictures... I sent some this last letter! Yes, you´re going to get some nice pictures of me at the Botanical Gardens, the Curitiba Temple, and also a very special baptism! Also, I included a spiritual experience for you, Mom. It´s really special, it talks a bit about this baptism.
Missionary work is going! We´ve been working really hard to find some families, but wow, it´s hard! However, the Lord has been blessing us a ton! I don´t know if you remember me talking about Amanda--She´s the wife to Juvêncio´s brother, Danilo (Juvêncio is the RM that taught me how to draw :)). Anyway, me and Elder Brino taught her in December, but she ended up not letting us pass by anymore, because she was pregnant, and was feeling really pressured into baptism. But now, she had the baby, and the baby was blessed at church yesterday! Also, she
said that we could come by this weekend! So, maybe we´re going to start teaching her again, and baptize her. Wow, if she got baptized, I think I will literally cry. Seriously.
But yeah, Missionary work is going great, I’m learning soooo much it´s crazy. Everyday, it´s something different. Today, me and Elder Lopes cleaned our house, inside and out. It was crazy, it took 3 hours! But now it´s super clean, and we feel the spirit waaaay better. Now, we´re just preparing for the baptisms that´ll come because our house is clean :)
Ok, I’m going to try to do the tape recorded thing today, so maybe the next time you get something from me, it´ll be my voice!! Wow, que loco!

Elder Avram Twitchell

PS They want you to put my full name on letters when you send them to me now--
ELder Avram Tyler Twitchell
PPS in 9 days I’ll be out for 6 months!!!!! whaaaat it went by suuuper fast.

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