Monday, March 26, 2012

Baptized Vera

March 26, 2012
Wow, so Alicia is going to have the Baby!!! Yipeee! haha, how exciting, you´ll have to tell me as soon as possible how Bentley is! I’ll keep praying for you guys, so that everything turns out well. How crazy that it´s going to delay 12 hours to get there!!!? That´s such a long time, just for Georgia. Oh well, safe travels!!
Haha, let Gustavo be my friend. We baptized him in January. He´s awesome! He´s going to get married to his member girlfriend in November! Frankly, I would rather him serve a mission
than get married (he is 19 years old) but getting married to a member is good too. And they´ll be able to get married in the Temple too (I think?).
So you got called as YW second councilor! How exciting. You love working with the young women’s, and I’m sure you´re going to be able to serve the YW there really well.
How sad that the babies left. Eeesh, it´s hard, I know, but just be happy! I can´t wait to get your
tape. I haven´t been able to buy a tape player here yet, because I think they only sell them in the center of Curitiba, so I’ll have to ask a member to buy it for me, and then I’ll pay them back later.
Money, I’m doing fine, and we´re always well fed. But Elder Lopes and I are really frugal with
our money, we don´t buy too much. We don´t spend too much with bus fares either, we just walk. And utilities, the Mission reimburses us, so it´s not a big deal either.
Sooo... here’s some news...
we baptized this Lady named Vera yesterday, wow she is suuuuper prepared. She was a reference of a member, and her husband had been receiving the missionary discussions 5 years ago, but her husband died, so he never was baptized. We started teaching her about the plan of Salvation, and we told her that she could be married to her husband for all eternity in the Celestial kingdom, and she got suuuuper excited. She has already read the Book of Mormon, and all of the pamphlets that
we leave with her. She really studies everything! And Elder Lopes had the opportunity to baptize her yesterday. It was way spiritual. The water was cold, because the heater was broken (poor Vera, she´s 59 years old!) but she said she didn´t even notice because of the Spirit! hahah, it was awesome.
So, today we´re going to find out about transfers, but I still don´t know, I honestly think that I’m
going to be transferred, but I don´t know. I want to stay, because we went to teach Amanda yesterday, and she said she wants to be baptized! She already spoke with her parents, who are super catholic, but they´re going to let her. Amanda herself set the date, she´ll be baptized 7 of April. If I get transferred, I think President Cordon will let me return here in Bairro Novo for the Baptism. Wow, I am completely sure that I’m going to cry with this baptism, Amanda was one of the first people me and Elder Brino taught.

Well, I gotta go!
ELDER Twitchell!

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