Thursday, February 9, 2012

Got to go to the TEMPLE

February 8, 2012 (today’s letter was on a Wed, because he got to go to the temple)
Dear family,
The temple was great today! Wow. I went with a big group of missionaries, including President
Cordon. It was suuuuper spiritual, and I understood almost everything, which was good. It was a little weird having Portuguese voice overs for the movie. Lol. And I actually did see an Elder Ham today, but I didn´t speak to him or anything, I’ll have to talk to him. It´s funny, because there´s another Elder Ham in the mission, but I think that he just barely left last transfer. I don´t know. That´s cool that you guys got to go to the Temple too. The Temple is such a blessing in our lives, I think sometimes we don´t even realize it. At the MTC, during a fireside, the talk was about what we need to remember when we´re inside the Temple, and it was a reeeeaallly good talk, I’ll have to send you some of the highlights of it later in a letter to you.
At the Temple book store, I bought this little bible, and guess how much it cost!? it cost about 2
Reais, or in other words, 1 dollar. This small bible, a little bit smaller than a normal Book of Mormon. How cool! I bought it, and I’m going to mark it up like crazy. I´m super excited.
Elder Brino was really excited about the Journals, by the way. He´s obsessed with the one with the sacred grove on the front. lol, it´s really funny. Here in Brasil, they don´t have journals like that. In fact, their notebooks, planners, etc in general are really different. They don´t have normal spiral bound notebooks like in the US, which is a bit annoying.
I had a really good week this week. In the ward here, a Missionary just returned home. His name is Juvêncio, and he´s awesome, and he´s teaching me how to draw reeaally good. He´s kind of a nerd like me, and really likes drawing stuff like Avatar, and Legend of Zelda, and he´s teaching me how to draw too. I´ll have to send you a drawing in my next letter.
Well, my time is about up, so some last minute things to say--
About the shoes: honestly, the Eccos are amazing, but you need both the boots and the normal
shoes. Why? Because the normal shoes are more comfy, but they wear down fast. I don´t think my normal shoes are going to last another year. Probably less. The boots are great, because they last long, and it rains a lot down here.
About my health, I’m as strong as an ox. I´ve lost a bunch of weight because I’ve been walking a ton in the heat. haha. But it´s really good. I´m healthy. Being a missionary, I have the advantage of being able to run without getting weary, or walk without fainting.
Alright, my times up, I love you lots! Write me letters, and read the scriptureeees!!!
Elder Twitchell.
PS. Eeeesh, I forgot to send pictures again. SORRY!

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