Monday, January 30, 2012

Apostles spoke to us

January 30, 2012
Dear Family,
Sounds like things are going really well out there in the United States. Wow. I have a lot to write,
and in little time! I´ll just have to write it in another letter. With the Packages, I did receive ONE package, the package with the Ground Hog Droppings and the Journals. Elder Brino loves you guys now.
So you finally got my letter! It seems like forever ago that I sent it! I already sent another letter
for you guys. The worker at the mail office said it takes anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks to arrive in the US, so keep looking. Did Autumn get my letter? I hope so.
I did get a few letters, I got one from you, Mom, I think you wrote it on the 11th of January. It was
great, keep on writing them like that!
Welton, ish, Welton was kind of sad. He had all these things happen to convince him of the truth, but he just didn´t want to change his life so much. One day he simply stopped receiving lessons, he never was at his home, and one day he sent us a text message saying that he didn´t want us to come anymore, because he decided to go back to his ´old church´, which was a lie, because he told us himself that he never went to a church regularly. So, that was pretty sad, but he chose for
himself. We pretty much did everything we could. So, I learned with Welton that Miracles do happen, but I learned another thing, as well. I learned that it is so much better for people to develop faith through working, praying, etc, than having something miraculous happen. This was the problem with Welton--he didn´t put in any work to test his faith. So, he fell away.
But on to happier things. Elder Ballard and Anderson came to Curitiba Brazil! It was amazing,
Elder Ballard is a GREAT speaker, and Elder Anderson spoke his talk in Portuguese which was really cool! They spoke a lot about the Atonement, and also being a Representative of Jesus Christ, and the responsibility that comes with this. It was amazing! I´ll probably write more to you guys about this in my letter. Like I said, I’m going to write you guys a lot more with handwritten letters, so be prepared.
Tell everyone I say Hi, and I love them a ton! I´ve got to go, but I’ll keep you in my prayers!

Elder Twitchell

P.S. P-day is on Wednesday next week, because we´re going to the Temple! First time in Brazil! I
don´t know if I’ll have time to write you next week too, but I think I will. After that, P-day will continue to be on Monday.
P.P.S. I need Alicia´s address so that I can write her a letter!

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