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Janurary 16, 2012 Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 16, 2012
Dear family!
Sorry I’m so rushed all the time with my e-mails, but really, 40 minutes isn´t that much to write you! I can´t say everything, but I’ll try to say as much as I can.
I don´t know if I can send you my e-mails for the president to you? I´ll ask someone, but I probably can´t do it all the time.
With the Petersons, it´s still really hard. The dad, Peterson, is really discouraged, because the
situation at home is a little stressed for him. Also, Adrianna, the mom, has started working really late, and on Sundays, as well, so it´s putting a stress on the whole family. They didn´t go to church on Sunday, as well, so this marks the fourth Sunday in a row that they haven´t gone. However, I think that they will the next time, because the ward is finally working with them. The relief society president visited them, as well as the Elders quorum. They really liked that, and now they´re feeling a lot better. The ward just needs to work with them more! The problem is that Elder Brino and I really can´t continue teaching the Peterson family, because we will leave one day, and if they aren´t integrated in the ward, they´ll fall away. So, we are working a lot to pass the family off to the ward.
That’s awesome about the clementine’s! I want to eat some. I love service projects like that, it´s a ton of fun. And it´s good that you’re putting the truck to use! lol How is Dad´s calling? It sounds
like you are all really involved in the ward, which is great! The more involved the better! A thing I’m learning here is that the members are incredibly important, and they don´t even realize it. When they´re involved in the ward, making friendships, planning activities, supporting one another, they are truly doing the work of Christ. It may seem insignificant or mundane, but it
assuredly is not.
And that´s great news about Mitch!!! I was really worrying about him, it´s been almost 8 months, right? He´ll get to go to Brazil after all. I wonder how his Portuguese will be :)
My week has been going great, we´re finding some really awesome people now. We are asking for a lot of references from the members, and are working a lot with them members to teach these references. This is working out really well with us--the testimony of a member is one of the best things during a lesson! And come Sunday, when the investigator is feeling a little out of place, they already have a friend at church! It´s awesome. And Gustavo was confirmed yesterday (he was baptized a week ago) and I think that he will receive the priesthood in a couple of weeks,
because he´s going to go visit his dad this week. But Gustavo is suuuuper firm, I think he´s the most firm baptism we´ve had so far.
The weather here is bipolar. The norm is that it rains really hard in the afternoon, and then gets
really hot, or it´s really really hot in the afternoon, and then rains at night. If not this, then it´s just kind of a normal temperature--not really that hot. But I think that things are going to start getting cold soon, come April. We´ll see.
Have a happy martin Luther King Jr. Day! I love you guys lots! Keep writing me letters! I hope my
letter arrives soon for you. Tell Autumn to keep being a good influence, keep studying, and keep writing me letters! Autumn, I think that you are already a lot better than I was at you´re age, and when you´re such a good person, you have two responsibilities--Improve yourself and help others improve! Seek to better yourself everyday!
For everyone--the whole family--keep praying together, keep reading the scriptures together, keep going to church together, keep serving each other. The cool thing about the gospel is that it unifies families. When every get´s on the same path, choosing the right, every one gets so much closer to one another.

Love you lots!!!!!!!
Elder Twitchell

PS. Amber, I’m going to
write you a letter today, in response to the other letters! And if I don´t get a letter from the Family and Autumn by next Monday, I’ll just go ahead and write another one.

PPS. Ooooooooooooh! You guys are going to be soooooo jealous. On the 26th here, 2 Apostles, M. Russell Ballard and Neil L. Anderson, are coming to the Curitiba, Brazil mission, to speak with the missionaries! Two men who speak face to face with the Lord are going to speak with us!!!! Yippeeeee!

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