Thursday, January 5, 2012


January 2, 2012
Dear Family,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012!!!!!!
Sounds like a lot of crazy things are going on in the US with you guys! For the New Year, we did
nothing special at all! lol. It´s kind of sad, because really, on New Year´s eve, we should have had another day like Christmas, where we can stay out until 11. On Christmas, Elder Brino and I used this time to play this game with our Zone Leaders called War, which is exactly like Risk. It was tons of fun, and we were planning on playing again on New Year’s Eve. But, a missionary here in Curitiba stayed out until 1:30 AM on Christmas, at a member´s house!!! So, because of this, President Cordon said that no one could stay out later on New Year’s Eve. Whatever, it´s not that bad. Elder Brino and I tried working on New Year’s Eve, but pretty much everyone was partying. We got nothing done. And it was raining too. SO, between 7:00 to 9:00 on New Year’s Eve, we were walking in the rain, visiting various houses, trying to talk with people. It was fun! These experiences always make me feel like a missionary, because we´re working hard, even though we´re not having success.
It sounds like you had a peaceful New Year’s Eve. There´s nothing wrong with doing puzzles on a holiday! You´ll have to tell me more about what happened. I did write you guy’s letters, by the way. One for the Family, and One for Autumn. I sent them off today, because we didn´t have time to go to the Mail Place until today, so I don´t know how long they delay. We´ll see.
I can´t believe all that happened! Sister Patton is coming here!!!! wooohooo!! Also, Ellee is engaged! And tell Tiffany Congratulations!
I hope all of you are feeling better. Being sick is the worst. I have been pretty healthy since I’ve been here, but it´s still something that I’m really worried about. But really, stay healthy!
Sometimes, when I’m out here, and I think about all the people that I am teaching, and all the responsibility I have to follow the spirit and teach them, I get scared! But, the important thing is to always trust in the Lord. He is trusting you to teaching with the Holy Ghost for a reason! Just trust in him.
For the package, send me some starbursts. I liked the starbursts in my Christmas package!
I think I have to go, sorry that this letter was extra short, but I just sent you a handwritten one, so tudo bem! I hope all is well with the family, that you are choosing the right, and that you are remembering the Lord.

Elder Twitchell

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