Monday, January 23, 2012

2nd Letter from Brasil!!! Written Jan 23, 2012

Dear Family
I thought I’d write again, even though my last letter hasn’t even arrived yet. I got a letter from Mom that she sent on Jan 3rd, almost 3 weeks ago! And wow, lots of things have happened since the New Year. It’s crazy how many experiences are crammed into such a short period of time. As you probably know, two days ago, on the 21st, I celebrated my fourth month as a missionary. Kind of crazy, huh? I’ve learned so much during this time. I don’t think I would recognize myself even four months ago, the way I act, think, etc. It truly is a miracle.
So, as you know, we’ve already had transfers here. Transfers happen every 6 weeks, but not everyone is transferred. With this past transfer, that happened on January 1st, Elder Brino and I stayed here in Bairro Novo. But, by the time you get this letter, I’ll probably have a new companion. How weird! The time just keeps going faster and faster. It’s strange to think,
because in three week’s time, I won’t have a trainer anymore. I’ll be a normal missionary. And I still have sooo much to learn! Luckily the Lord is helping me out quite a bit, so that I don’t screw up everything.
The Lord truly has been blessing Bairro Novo. We’re finding some people that are so humble and full of Faith. We’ve been teaching this one family that is so cool, and spiritual, although you wouldn’t guess it with their family situation. It’s a single mother, with four children –
Patrique, Dainana, and two other children that I still haven’t met. Patrique is 19, lives with his mom, and just had his second child, and is living with his girlfriend, Francis, who is 18. It’s with Francis that he has two children. They had their first child when Francis was 16! But they’re such a special family, they are so interested in the restoration. Silvane went to church yesterday, and
probably next week the rest of the family will go. During church, Silvane was talking with a ton
of members, and participated in all the classes. She loved church! It was so cool to see.
We are super hopeful about this family and are working really hard to prepare them for Baptism.
This is just one family that we’re teaching. We have a few other people that are great as well. I always am humbled when I think about those people that we’re teaching. Heavenly Father is trusting his beloved, choice children with me. Every time I think about it, I feel like I need to work even harder. And we do work hard. Every day, we’re calling people, arranging for lessons, arranging carpools to church for our investigators, arranging to go on splits with members, studying the doctrine, practicing teaching lessons, planning our days, praying, fasting, pondering, serving, and of course walking and talking with people on the street.
It’s amazing, because when you really get talking to people you realize that everyone needs the gospel. It’s not just a good idea, it’s essential. And we as missionaries have to show them the way of happiness and Joy, which is Jesus Christ. So, this is my life right now, trying to invite others to come unto Christ with a heart full of love, and a desire for the Salvation of others.
But, Again, I want to know more about how life is going back home. You all are working hard, as well, and I love to hear how you are growing and being blessed. It sounds like Elaina and Austin are growing so fast. I can’t even imagine how they must be now. Austin especially seems to be growing fast, he’s already talking so much.
Just keep being good examples for everyone. Invite people over to your house. Don’t be afraid if people don’t want to be your friends. If they legitimately feel that way, then they’re a sad, sad person. Just be friendly with everyone, and you’ll have friends. Good friends. But remember, friends are fleeting. Family is Important.
Well, I just got back from writing you with e-mail. Sounds like things are a bit busy out there.
Sounds like things are a bit tough for Alicia, living in Tennessee. I completely forgot during the e-mail, but I need Alicia’s address? I’ll probably get her address before you get this letter, but tell her to write me, and I’ll write her back. I made a goal today to write the family at least every other week, if not more, and write one of my siblings each week. So, tell Aaron, Amber, Alicia, and Autumn to prepare themselves! If they don’t start getting letters from me soon, they can write me an e-mail saying that I’m failing as a brother. I hereby give permission and authority to exercise this type of chastisement. I want to know how life is going with you in the United States!!!
How is Autumn? How is school? Is she making friends? How are Amber and Adam? And the babies? How does dad like his calling? How are you doing with your calling mom? How is our neighbor? How are Alicia and Adam? How is Aaron and Joylyn and the babies? How is everything? How is the Old Testament reading? The Book of Mormon?
Something I want to start doing is write about the differnt things here in Brazil. It’s not a backwards country, but it definitely has it backward things. So for this letter, I want to focus on one topic
They indeed have showers here in Brasil, and indeed they have hot water (as far as I know. My apartment has not water). However, in Brasil, the shower heads are not at an angle – they come straight down!! That’s not all, either. I would say about half of the showers here don’t have a curtain or glass or anything between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. So, water gets everywhere. But, what they do is the squeegee all of the water to the drain. It’s really weird.
Well, keep going strong, keep praying, and keep reading the scriptures always. Love you lots!!

Love Elder Twitchell

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