Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gustavo got Baptized!!!

January 09, 2012
Dear Family,
I kind of like P-days on Mondays. We just work and work and work during the whole week, and then at the start of the week, we rest a bit, and keep working! It probably is a bit more difficult for you though, huh? I think it´s a great idea that you send me long letters every week! I probably won´t be able to respond with a letter every week, but I’ll definitely write a lot for you. I´m excited for you guys to get my letters, I wrote a good 4 pages for you guys, and another 4 pages for
Autumn. Oh, by the way, I got Autumn´s letter the other day. Thanks Autumn, you´re the best!!! And yeah, you can keep the e-mails a bit short, I won´t get angry, although I still like a lot of information in the E-mail. And I can send you a copy of my letter to the president, if you want, but I don´t think you´ll understand, it´s in Portuguese! I´ll send it in another letter, ok?
My week was great! We had a baptism yesterday, with Gustavo!!! He´s this 19 year old who is awesome, he´s really firm in his testimony. However, we are worrying a bit here about our recent converts, because the bishop here still hasn´t sent anyone to visit them, still hasn’t called a home teacher or visiting teachers, and still hasn´t given a calling to them. Elder Brino and I can´t keep up with our recent converts forever -- it´s the bishops job! Oh well, we´ll see how it turns out.
I understand how Elder Neal feels, but really, time is something I try not to think about here. I
think I would go crazy if I reminded myself constantly that I still have 1 year and 8 months left! If you just focus on the work, and forget yourself, everything goes a lot better, so I’m doing that! Of course I still miss you guys a ton, but in just a short time, I’m going to be back with you!! Hurray!
OK, I’m almost out of time. I still have the same area, same companion. Which is great, we´re going to work a lot this week!! My church time is at 9 AM, I don´t know how close it is to your time. I´ve got to run, but I’ll write a letter next week if I have time!!!
Love you all a ton. OH, and keeeep reading the Book of Mormon. Minha nossa, I can´t stress that enough. Read the ensign from November (the one about the Book of Mormon) if you need
further convincing. Here on the mission, I don´t have that much time to study (only 3 hours a day, what garbage!!! :P) but every chance I get, I’m reading the Book of Mormon.
LOVE YOU LOTS, have a great week! I’m praying about you, and certainly feel all the prayers (and fasting) that you guys are doing.
Elder Twitchell

Here is the translation of his letter to the Mission President

This week was great! There are some things that can be better, but overall I think the work is going good. This week, I Brin and Elder were praying for people who are prepared to receive the restored gospel, and truly, people have been placed in our path. We think some families, and although it is hard to understand now how they will be now, I think they are very firm. In particular, the researcher was a Sunday in the church that is interested, and we'll teach him and his family this week. We are very excited. Also, we had some progress with investigators this week. First, Gustavo Batis was yesterday, and he is very firm, and excited about the Church. Too I, Arom, a researcher who was once a little more or less, the Church, and is serious about baptism. We have some other people who are very good, and we are excited to help them. Although we have a good week, we are also getting a little worried about our recent converts, especially Peterson's family (with his wife and five children). Elder Brin and I asked the Bishop to visit them, call a couple of missionaries in the ward, and also give a call to Peterson. But unfortunately, this has not anconteceu, and already makes more than one month they were baptized. We are also trying to get friendship with some members in the ward, but in fact people in the ward are not helping. And the same thing is happening with our other recent converts. Of course, I Brin and Elder need to watch our new converts, but the fact is that we will not be here in New
Neighborhood forever, then the need to visit the recent converts, and they also have called. Elder Brin and I are working hard to help our recent converts - visiting them several times during the week, talking with the Bishop and the leadership, especially during the ward council and speaking with members who live close to our recent converts - but we're still very concerned.
With the double, I Brin and Elder are great. Our relationship, in fact, it was just barely started on this week, but we talked a little, we solve some problems, and now, our fellowship has never been better! We are treating each other with more respect, more open talking and sharing ideas to help our study, fellowship, and work. The language, of course, is improving. Now, I can understand what people are saying, more or less, and can respond much more effectively. The Lord is helping me this much, and I was still studying a lot, and paying close attention as I'm talking about, and how Brazilians speak. I'm looking to improve my ability to speak, but at the same time, I try to remember that it is only with the Lord that I can say anything. I have great confidence that I will be understood, thanks to the Lord, and at the same time, I'm feeling a bit humble, because the Lord is helping me a lot. My tongue, literally, get long, and is useless!
My family is very good, and in fact they are growing much spiritually. is a blessing to see this growth.
Elder Brin and I'll work hard this week, and we will resolve our problems with our recent converts.
Thank you

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