Monday, January 23, 2012

2 Apostles are Coming to Curitiba

January 23, 2012
Dear Family!!!
Sounds like a party in California. Well, not exactly, if everyone is sick. That´s no fun. I´ll
definitely pray the kids in today. Tell them that I love them lots!
So yeah, two apostles are coming here to Curitiba!!! wooohoooo. I have no idea why they´re coming, I only know that this Thursday, there´ll be a special conference for families, and on Friday, there´ll be a conference for just the missions! Yippeee! And as far as I have heard, this is NOT normal. Especially with TWO apostles. So, we´ll see what happens. It´s going to be something to be remembered, that´s for sure. This week, I’ve been studying a lot about apostles, what they do, and how important they are. I encourage you to do the same, it´s crazy how important an apostle is. And we have the privilege of hearing TWO of them!
Ben needs to send me a letter? Opa, must be important. I can´t believe that it´s been three months since I’ve seen Ben. Also, it´s really weird to think how close he is. He really is not that far from me. And, on top of that, I have a lot of friends that are all learning Portuguese and doing this work at the same time. It´s really weird, especially since we´re so isolated from each other.
Aaron Blood got married!!! Sweet! I like Aaron Blood, he is such a good guy, one of my
favorites. Tell him I say Congratulations! Also, tell Jared Congratulations for me. Guatemala? Eeeesh, why not Brasil? haha, just kidding, that´s really cool, he´s going to love learning Spanish.
So, you still haven´t gotten my letter? That´s not good. I just finished writing you guys another
letter. I hope it doesn´t always go this slow, it´s been a few weeks now. I´ll try to keep up a steady stream of letters for the family each week, and also at least once a month for Amber, Alicia, Autumn, and Aaron, although it´ll be really hard. I´m starting to get into the groove of using my P-days intelligently, and I can normally write a few letters, no problem, and still have time to do
other things. But you know what I was thinking? it would be really cool if we could do that thing that they do in the Best Two Years, you know, with the tape recorder? We could send each other tapes, and that way, you could hear my voice, and also I could say a LOT more with these ´letters´. I still haven´t looked into tape recorders here, but I think it maybe would be better to have you guys send me one? I don´t know, tell me what you think about this idea. I´ll also try to figure out how to do pictures. I have been failing with the pictures, I haven´t taken any pictures in a couple of weeks. It´s hard because we have to focus on the work, and also, I don´t want to carry around my camera with me all the time, it´ll get stolen.
I still haven´t received that package, but it probably is at the Mission Office, I’ll tell you when I
get it.
My week has been suuuuuper hectic. But, every week is suuuuuper hectic. We taught thirty-nine lessons this week (a personal record!), and 24 of these lessons were with members (another personal record. Before last week, we had not even reached 15 lessons with members in a week). We are working a lot, and we always are looking for ways to be better. I´m trying to speak more, because before I wasn´t speaking as much. It´s a little bit unnerving when you know that you have an accent, and you probably can´t express everything you want to say. But, it´s for that very
reason that I need to speak more. We have some really cool families that we´re teaching right now, I can´t even write all of them. However, they´re being a little bit difficult with baptism. If they get baptized, I’ll tell you more about these families.
Keep telling me how things are going back home! How is Autumn? How is Amber and the babies? How is dad with his calling? What´s something strange that happened this week? Are you speaking Korean yet? How is our neighbor? How is Bishop Hoggan? I don´t know, just tell me everything.
I love you guys soooooo much, and I look forward to all of your letters. Keep praying, keep reading the scriptures, and be good examples. People are watching.
Elder Twitchell

Please write him, he is needing letters.......


  1. My son,Ethan McKell is a friend of Avram,Spencer & Ben who are all currently serving in Brazil. I know that Ethan has written all of them on their mission & I've been keeping him updated about them from their blogs. Iam wondering if you know if Ben Olpin has a blog too? (Ethan was Ben's roommate at BYU) Ethan's blog is and he is in Belo Horizonte,Brazil and just crossed his 1 year mark!

    1. Hey, I remember Avram talking about Ethan. Isn't it fun that all these boys are in Portuguese speaking missions they are going to have so much fun talking to each other when they get back. Avram will love to hear from him, he seems a bit homesick right now, he has only been out 4 months (2 in Brazil). That is so neat that you have crossed your year mark, I don't think that day will ever come. I don't think that Ben has a Blog, I have his mom's e-mail address if that will help? He is also on fb and his parents check that. I will update Avram on Ethan, thanks for his blog I will follow it too. Have a great day.