Monday, June 18, 2012

Bibles - Letter written 6/18 & 6/25, 2012

June 18, 2012

Dear Family

So I was Not at that training meeting, I think that this was just for DL’s & ZL’s.  I see there Elder Siplicio and Stevenson, our Zone leaders and also Elder Deviacenis my old District leader.

So as you probably know.  I’m the District Leader now, here in Jardim do Sol.  It’s kind of crazy because I’m still in my first area!  I have less than 9 months on the mission.  It’s a lot of responsibility I have to take care and teach Elder Little how to be a missionary and I have to take care of and encourage 7 other missionaries.  Sincerely, I’m a bit overwhelmed, because I’ve never had a responsibility like this before.  Also, everyone in my district has been out on the mission longer than me, except Elder Little.  It’s only going to be through the Lord that I’m going to do anything.  I hardly know how to be a missionary, let alone help others be missionaries.

Our area here is Bairro Novo is going along well, we’re finding a bunch of new investigators lately, which is always cool.  Among these new investigators is a widow named Leonida.  She lives with a bunch of her kids  --  both adoptive and biological.  I think she has five…  Anyway she’s been really interested in the church, and she even has a brother whose Mormon, so he’s supporting her as Leorida investigates the church.  She’s way cool, and pretty much accepts everything we teach, including the Book of Mormon, which she already knows is true.  She does smoke, so we have to work with her on that, but besides that, she’s progressing pretty well.  We’re planning on baptizing her the 1st of July so we’ll see.

Alright, answers to questions:

How do the fridges and stoves?

The fridges aren’t as fancy as the fridges in the US with water and ice disposers.  But other than that, they’re normal.  Most of the stoves here don’t have a clicker (I don’t know what it’s called, but it makes sparks) so you just turn on the gas and get a lighter.

How is the milk?

The milk is super light.  When I first got here, I didn’t like it, because it was almost like water to me.  But now I like it.

Missionaries go days without water?

I think those missionaries just didn’t pay the bills.  I haven’t had any problems with this since I got here, but maybe in some outback areas they have problems. 

What is the ward like?

The ward is great here, it’s one of my favorite things about Bairro Novo.  These people are strong in the Faith, and want to share the Gospel.  When I got here, my trainer said that the ward doesn’t do anything, but I’ve found that to be false.  When I need help, they help.  If I ask them to visit a recent convert, they visit.  They also tell me about all sorts of less-actives that need rescuing. 

But yeah, Bairro Novo generally has between 120 – 140 people at church…. So it’s pretty big.

How are the computer places?

They have a ton of “Lan Houses” here (they pronounce it Lan Housie) so when we write e-mails, we go to one of these Lan houses.  It’s basically a room, with a bunch of computers.  It’s not a library, restaurant, nothing. 

I hope all is going well for the family.  I hope Grandpa Twitchell starts feeling better, I think about him a lot.  I’m glad Bentley is doing well, too.  I’m sure he’s going to be way cute when I finally get to meet him. 

Well this summer should be weird for you.  You got to hang out with me and Autumn, but now just Autumn.  I’m sure Autumn’s going to make the right choices, but you’re right, mom, you’ve got to be in charge.  Something I don’t like here in Brazil is a lot of times the fathers – the head of the family is so weak, and doesn’t support his failiy.  Of course, a lot fo times the father is consumed by drugs or alcohol, bu ti still get frustrated.  It makes me want to be a dang good Father when I have a family.  I’ms seeing what happens to a family that has a thather who doesn’t support his family, and the results are usually tragic.  How grateful am I that dad was always a firm foundation for us as a Family!!


Sorry I didn’t finish this letter last week.  But I’ll wrap it up now.  Today is P-day and so far it’s been pretty good.  Elder Little and I decided to cook a good lunch.  I have that Missionary cook book, and I actually used it today.  We’re cooking up a spaghetti casserole with garlic bread.  Right now I’m just waiting for everything to cook.  I’m pretty excited.  I’m also planning on cooking some brownies.  It should be good.  Actually it was Elder Devincenz who taught me how to make homemade brownies.  I went on exchanges the other day, and he showed me how to make brownies.  Elder Devincenzi is a really good guy.  I think he’s had a hard time on his mission until now, but he keeps working hard and serving others.  He’s just a really good example.

Elder Little and I are working together well, although I think Elder Little is still having trouble with the language.  But, little by little he’ll get it.  He’s kind of shy and doesn’t talk a bunch, which makes it a bit harder for him to learn quickly.  But he’s doing fine.

Other missionaries in my district are Elder Palmer, Robinson, Nunes, and my Zone leaders are Elder Joa’s and Elder Stevenson.  It’s pretty cool district, lots of Americans.  The only Brazilians are Elder Joa’s and Nunes.  It’s kind of weird because Elder Stevenson and Robinson are going home in July.  Pretty strange.

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