Monday, June 4, 2012

June 04, 2012


Yes I’m in the Curitiba mission! It´s just that the zone conferences are just with a few zones, not all of them. Also, sometimes the zone conferences are just for certain types of leaders, like Zone leaders or district leaders. However, I will be having a conference on Wednesday, if you´re curious. My zone is Jardim do Sol, and I think that that zone conference that you saw was for nova portão or something like that...

How cool that Autumn got called as the Laurels president! I didn´t really realize this before the mission, but it´s a big responsibility, being a president! You´ve got to really take care of the people in your organization!

Oh man, I always get scared when fast and testimony comes around. It´s normally fine, but sometimes you get people saying the worst things!!! A few weeks ago, an older man went up to the pulpit, and started praying, but he said some weird stuff. He started it off by calling for ´Jesus!` and ended in the name ´of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost´. One of the many sublime truths that he spoke during this pray was this: ´The 7th day Adventist church is a very good church... And so is this church.´ Well, at least he mentioned the LDS church :)

Scriptures that you can give to Brandon, there´s always the classic Alma 32, that´s always a powerful one for everyone, no matter their religion. Also, I personally like Mosiah 2-4, and also 2 Nephi 31. But I don´t know, the whole book is good too!

Hahah, I didn´t even know that Elder Little had blisters. When I read that, I leaned over and asked him if it were true, and he said yeah. lol. Elder Little is doing well, we´re both continuing onward! We´re having a hard time finding investigators really firm, but there are some people with potential that we´re going to follow up on. Something good is that our ward is getting really excited, and they´ve started giving us a lot of people for us to pass by. It´s pretty cool.

I´ll write more about my spiritual experiences in my letter, I gotta go!

Oh, I’m starting to forget what I’ve already written in my ´Strange things about Brazil´ part. Could you send me a list? Thanks!


Elder Twitchell

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