Monday, June 25, 2012


June 25, 2012


Hey everyone, how has your week been? This week has been pretty good for Elder Little and I. Today, we decided to cook a real meal for ourselves, so we got out that Missionary cook book, and made a Spaghetti casserole with garlic bread, it was pretty good! I was surprised by myself, that we could actually prepare a half-decent meal. Also, the other day I went on Exchanges with Elder Devincenzi, and he taught me how to make brownies, so I’m going to test out baking brownies today, too. I´ll take a picture of the brownies if they turn out well.

So, just so you know, Leonida did go to church yesterday!!!!! Yes! Earlier in the week we visited Leonida with a member who kind of lives close to her, and he took her to church yesterday, together with two of her kids, Marisa (8) and Leonardo (11). Unfortunately they couldn´t stay the whole time, but we passed by later in the day, and Leonida said that she loved church, and will definitely stay the whole time next time. Elder Little and I are pretty excited about her, she progressing a lot in the Gospel. She is reading the Book of Mormon, and even is inviting some of her sibling to go to church too. She´s way cool. I don´t know if she´ll be able to be baptized this week, but we´re going to try to shoot for July 8th. Keep praying for her!

And we lost contact with that family that got thrown into prison. Oops! haha, it´s kind of hard, because they weren´t really that interested when they weren´t locked up in jail, but now that they have this problem they don´t really want to hear any message. Oh well...

Well, being a district leader is kind of busy. I call all of the missionaries in my district 3 times a week to see how they´re doing and see if they need anything. Then, the Zone Leaders call ME 3-4 times a week to see how I´M doing. Pretty much every night I have to talk to someone. It´s kind of cool talking to the district, because I get to see how they´re doing, and how to help them out. Another part that I like is doing is Interviews. It´s way cool doing a baptismal interview, especially for someone who is really converted. You just get to hear their testimony, and help them see how much the gospel has blessed their lives. It´s cool

I hope everything continues to go well for you guys out there. Keep working hard and being a good example to others. Have a good time in Georgia, I hope Alicia and her family is well!!!


Elder Twitchell

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