Monday, June 11, 2012

PICTURES - Doing great!!!

Elder Luke Little  --  Elder Avram Twitchell  --  Elder Brandon Barkdull  --  Elder Zach Armitage
Avram's currant companion                Avram's MTC companion and friend from BYU

June 11, 2012
Hey family!

How´s everyone doing!

So, I still haven´t gotten the package!? I hope it didn´t get lost, but I’m sure it´s fine. I think sometimes it gets delayed a little bit. Haha, that´s cool that you finally got pictures, even though they weren´t from me. I know, I suck at doing the whole pictures thing, but if you´d like you can send me the SD card, and we can switch off every once in a while. I think it would be good. Yes, we do have a washing machine, but it´s outside of our house. We don´t have a dryer, however, which gets a little annoying in the rainy weather, because nothing gets dry!!! haha, I’ve already gotten used to it, but I think that Elder Little doesn´t like it too much. And yeah, Elder Little and I buy a LOT of Pizza! haha. When he first got here, it was like 3 times a week. But now we´re tapering off a bit and buying just one or two pizzas a week. It´s good, it´s a good way to end the day.

                                                         Brazilian Pizza - Avram loves them

                                           Avram's companion Elder Little enjoying a pizza

Avram's Washing Machine outside his house

Avram's kitchen

How weird being empty nesters! It must be quiet. Although, I don´t know if Autumn makes a lot of noise? But that´s crazy that you let Autumn drive all the way to Folsom! I remember you guys got worried when I was planning to go there. And I’m the best driver in the family! But it´s really not that hard to get there, you pretty much only have to remember two exits.

I hope that Brandon didn´t get offended yesterday. It´s so important to help the new person feel welcome. The Mormon world is such a different place; you need a friend to help you out. Yeah, missionary work IS hard; you have to rely a lot on others. It´s not just the missionaries, but the whole ward that needs to participate in conversion. Speaking about this, where are the missionaries? Do they still not know about Brandon?

So I guess that all of my friends back home are already married? haha that´s cool, that´s the next step for them. For the YM it´s going on a mission. Man, the mission is SOOO important every YM needs to go. I feel bad for members who don´t have the courage or the testimony to go on a mission, because it´s such a building experience. But tell Ellee congratulations, and also tell her I told her so (that she would be married before Blake got back).

Well, do you want to hear a spiritual story!!! Well, I don´t have a super spiritual story to share this week, but I have a kind of weird one. We´ve been teaching this family for 3 weeks now, and they´re probably one of our stronger families lately. They´re super poor and have like 5 children, so it´s kind of a missionaries dream. The only problem is that the parents aren’t married! Dang! Anyway, we passed by yesterday to leave a message, and nobody was at home. We waited a bit, and there came passing by the girlfriend of one of the kids of this family. We asked her where the family was, and she said they were in jail!!! WHAT! The dad works with trucks. People load stuff into his truck, and he delivers the cargo to wherever it needs to be delivered. Anyway, apparently some of the cargo that he was delivering was stolen goods. So they arrested him. Along with his two sons that were working with him. Oops. So our most promising investigators are in Jail! lol, kind of sucks, but it´s a good experience to put in the journal. But the Lord is truly blessing us with many good people here, we´re just trying to find the elect investigators that are ready to accept the gospel.

Well, I gotta run, but you should be expecting a letter from me! Thanks for the letters by the way!


Elder Twitchell

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  1. Yay! Finally pictures! Avram looks great and so does that pizza!