Wednesday, June 20, 2012

District Leader in Bairro Novo

June 18, 2012


Well, I haven´t gotten the package yet! I hope it didn´t get lost or anything!!

This week has been pretty crazy, as with every transfer week. Half our Zone got transferred. Every single companionship in the Zone had a change except me and Elder Little. In the other district, they took out everybody except for one Elder, Elder Edgar.

The big news is that I got called as a District Leader here in Jardim do Sol! wooo, I was not expecting this at all, because I knew that the District leader from the last transfer, Elder Devincenzi, was staying here. But on Tuesday, the Zone Leaders called me up, and said,

`Elder Twitchell, you’re the new District Leader!´

´Really? Alright.´ was my response.

And then they added in this little comment, ´Oh, and you’re going to do 3 interviews tomorrow for our baptismal candidates.´

Lol, then they just told me they would explain more to me the next day, and hung up. But they Zone Leaders taught me how to do a baptismal interview Wednesday morning, and then I did 2 Interviews on Wednesday and one interview on Thursday. It´s kind of different doing interviews. I feel like I’m so presumptuous, deciding if someone is worthy to be baptized or not. But it´s cool too, I like doing baptismal interviews. People say stuff to you that they probably haven´t told anyone else in their life!

Another part is I have to take care of other missionaries. I don´t know, I’ve never been in charge of anybody like this. It´s a big responsibility. I´ve spent a lot of my time kneeled down in prayer the past few days so that I could have the aid from God to be a good leader and help others.

So that´s the news now. It´s kind of crazy, and I feel a little bit overwhelmed--training and being a district leader--but at the same time I’m excited, and I know that I’m going to learn a lot.

Another crazy thing is that Elder Hobbs got called as the new Assistant to the President!!! Woooow! Nobody gets called as an assistant with just 8 months on the mission! But Elder Hobbs is a great leader, I’m really excited for him. On Thursday, they had a training meeting for new District Leaders, and he gave the training meeting. It was way cool to see him. He seems nervous but excited, too.  Wow, i can´t believe it! ELder Barkdull is a zone Leader! He´ll do great, he always has been a good example for me.

So we did get to see the dedication of the Manaus temple. We also got to see the celebration. It was way cool, the people of Manaus have sacrificed a lot to have a temple there. It was kind of funny to see, because it was President Uchtdorf and Elder Quentin L. Cook that were there, and they tried to speak Portuguese a few times, but it was waaaay bad. Hahaha.

Things here in Bairro Novo are going pretty well, we´re finding a lot of new people to teach, but for now not a lot of people REALLY firm. There is this lady that we´re teaching, named Leonida, who is really interested, and told us she is seriously considering being baptized, but she didn´t go to Church yesterday, so that was a bit of a setback. But she´s really good, and I think in a few weeks she´ll get baptized.

Elder Little to doing really well, he´s getting more comfortable with the Language an everything. It´s hard, I don´t even speak right, and I’ve been out for almost 9 months. We both are learning a bunch. And now I’m going to have to leave the area a bunch to do splits and interviews, so he´s going to have to get used to taking care of the area without me. He´ll do great.

What do I want for my Birthday? I don´t really know... I like the candy, and I like the muffin mix and cookie mix, they´re good. Also, Peanut butter is a good thing to have... let me see what else.. I don´t know I can´t really think of anything right now, I’ll try to come up with some more stuff. It´s kind of weird on the mission, I don´t really have anything to ask for...

Well, I sent off a letter a bit ago, you should be getting it soon. I´m going to write another letter to you guys today, too, so watch out for it!

I gotta go, love you LOTS

Elder Twitchell

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