Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Celebrated the 4th of JULY

July 2, 2012

Hey family!

Georgia! Well, you are lucky! I bet it´s pretty hot there, with the humidity and all. Today in Curitiba it´s basically perfect, there´s some sun, but it´s not too hot. We had a Zone activity today, to celebrate the 4th of July! It was pretty fun, we made Chili Dogs at the Chapel, played some soccer and basketball, and then we all took a picture together with the American Flag. America! It´s funny, because right now our Zone is almost totally American--we have 3 Brazilians, and one of them didn´t show up because he was sick! Haha, it was fun, they enjoyed the Chili dogs.

It seems like you are always running into missionaries at the Airport, Mom! My goodness. And they´re all going to Brasil too! I´m sure it was fun talking to them. I don´t know when you guys are going home, but in three weeks Elder Robinson and Elder Stevenson from my Zone are going home, you should see them at the Airport! And yes, Presidente Cordon still has another Year left to serve. It´s kind of crazy, I’m going to be out for a year in just a couple of months! I want to cry, I’m super old already.

Leonida did go to Church yesterday, it was pretty cool, she liked it a lot. We want to help her be ready for baptism this next week, but we need a lot of prayer for this to happen. I want Elder Little to baptize at least ONE person while he´s with me! These past two months have been a bit difficult in this regard, but we have some really promising candidates right now, so we´ll see.

I continued to sally forth in my attempts to learn how to cook this week. I tried hard-boiled eggs this morning, but i took them out of the Water too early, and the yolks didn´t cook. hahah, it was funny, i gave one to Elder Little to try one out, and he took this big ole bite out of the hard-boiled egg, started chewing, and then looked at the yolk and saw that it was raw. I could tell that he was kind of grossed out, but he looked at me, and said ´Really good Elder, Thanks!´ Lololol it was funny. I´ll cook them good next time. Oh, by the way, i want to know how to make pancakes??? Send me the Recipe please! I have that little cook book you sent me. Wow, that thing´s a life-saver, i feel kind of dumb that i didn´t use it that much when i was at BYU, it basically tells you how to do everything. It´s a bit harder in Brazil, because they don´t have all of the ingredients, but we can still do most of them.

Well, I’ve got to run, have a great week in Georgia! Tell Autumn to have fun at EFY.


Elder Twitchell

PS I still haven´t gotten that package... Uh oh.

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