Friday, July 27, 2012

Get to be a Trainer again!!!

July 23, 2012

Hey family!

Well, sorry to write so late, I kind of got some crazy news today.

Today we had a Zone activity--Dessert day! So me and Elder Little, we bought all we needed for our amazing brownies, mixed it all together, and brought it to the Chapel to bake it there. Well, it was at this activity that my Zone Leaders told me: I´m going to train again!!! What! And there would be a training meeting. At 1:30. Well, sadly, at this point in time it was 12:30, and it would take about an hour to get to the training meeting. So, Elder Little and I had to leave our brownies cooking with the other missionaries. We didn´t even get to eat them, after our hard work. Dang!

But it was cool, I was excited to get to train again. I also saw that Elder Knowles is going to train, so that was cool to see him again. I still don´t know where I’m going to go, but there are really only three options for me at this point:

1) Stay here in Bairro Novo (meaning I’ll hit my year mark here)

2) Open an Area

3) Do a ´White Wash´, where the two missionaries are taken out of an area, and two others are put in.

Whatever happens, it´ll great, and a lot of Work! Personally, I think I’ll be doing a white wash somewhere, and Elder Little will stay here in Bairro Novo, but I don´t know.

Oh, and Leonida and her Family came back from their travels yesterday. We got to talk to her, and we remarked a baptismal date with them for this next Sunday! Elder Little is going to baptize three people this next week! woohoo!

But hey, I got to go, sorry I’m in such a rush, I’ll try to write more this next week!


ELDER Twitchell

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