Thursday, July 12, 2012

Got to go to the TEMPLE!!!

July 11. 2012


Yeah, this week we got to go to the Temple!!! yeah, sorry I forgot to tell you guys. It was pretty cool, I saw Sister Horkley there. It´s been a while since I’ve seen her. I took a bunch of pictures there, don´t worry. I got the memory card in one of you´re letters, so I’ll probably send you my older memory card soon. I just want to take more pictures of Bairro Novo. There are only two more weeks left in the transfer, so I’m thinking that I’m going to leave soon. If not, I’ll almost hit my year mark in my first area. LOCO! haha.

So Leonida didn´t get baptized, because she´s traveling, and will be gone for two weeks. Dang! It´s not good for her to be away so long--it´s a lot of time for Satan to work on her. And even if she does get baptized, I’ll be transferred for another area. Oh well, what is important is when she´s baptized, not if I baptize her. Oh well, I just feel bad that since Elder Little got here we haven´t baptized anyone. But he´s been super positive about it, and I’m sure that once I leave, he´ll baptize a ton!

Sounds like Georgia was a lot of fun. I´m jealous you guys get to see all the babies. How was the temple there? What did you buy when you went shopping? And how is Utah? Wow, you guys are doing a ton out there! haha, sounds like a good summer. I won´t even get to spend summer with you guys for another two years, because when I come home, I’ll probably have to start studying right away. How crazy. Everyone in our District is thinking a bit about home, because Elder Robinson and Elder Stevenson are going home. It´s crazy. They´re already talking about what they´re going to study, what they´re going to do for work, etc.. They´re pretty sad about going home. I can´t even imagine.

Being a district leader is fun. It´s a bit different. In my district we have 8 missionaries (including myself, and my Zone Leaders, who take care of themselves). I have to go on splits with everyone in my district, and I call them a few times a week to see how they´re doing, and help them fulfill their purpose with more success. It´s hard because I’m already worried about my own area. But now I have to worry about 3 other areas. Also, every week I give a training session for the district, which is way weird for me. I don´t ever feel like I have much to say that´s actually useful, so I try to encourage them to participate, and we practice a lot. The Lord is helping me out a ton, and also my Zone Leaders here, Elder Jo├ís and Elder Stevenson. They are always giving me constructive feedback. I can definitely appreciate better all of the great leaders I’ve had in the past. I know I was always the annoying one that didn´t doing anything or pay any attention. Luckily, the Lord has had mercy on me by giving me great missionaries.

I´m going to try to send off a few letters soon, for the Family. I´ll also try to clean our apartment a bit so that I can take pictures to send to you!

Keep praying for me, you guys are always in my prayers. Be grateful for every blessing the Lord gives you. Be grateful for the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I know that it´s true, and it surprises me how often the Book of Mormon seems to be talking directly to me.

Love you Lots,

Elder Twitchell

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